AgroFresh Holdings Berhad was incorporated on 16 Feb 2012 to function as the parent (or holding) company of a number of subsidiaries. We have built a fully-integrated operating platform that allows us to source, grow, process, market and distribute our products all over the world.

We are internationally renowned for sourcing our products worldwide both directly on AgroFresh-owned or leased land in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and through associated producer and independent grower arrangements under which we provide varying degrees of farming, harvesting, packing, shipping and marketing services.

On AgroFresh-owned or leased land in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines, we utilized our proprietary expertise through our renowned plantation technology subsidiary AgroFresh Biotech Sdn. Bhd. (AFB) in collaboration with Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM), which is currently developing the “Agrotech Plant System”.

This plantation technology produces uniform flowering and fruit development to achieve shorter crop duration for tropical fruits which resulted higher yield and productivity across the board.

We also provide wholesale and to institutional customers around the world with high quality fruit products that bear the Cavana Premium™, Cavana™, Sambana™ and PhiFruit™ trademarks. We believe the Cavana Premium™, Cavana™, Sambana™ and PhiFruit™ trademarks and also our products have global appeal as they offer value and convenience, while also benefiting from the growing focus on health and wellness among consumers worldwide.

The Company has recently been granted an exclusive 10 year consignment purchasing contract worth about Four Billion Ringgit Malaysia (RM 4,000,000,000) by Dashang Group in China, to export tropical fruits to the Republic of China. (Dashang Group operates more than 150 retail stores in Dalian, has retail stores in 150 cities in eleven provinces, employs about 170,000 people, and had gross revenue of 131 billion Yuan. It is the largest retailer in Northeast China.)

The Company has a highly experienced management team in-placed with over 20 years of technical, professional and business expertise in key plantation and environmental industries and core competencies in plantation technologies, project commercialization and business management.