Exchange Ceremony in Beijing

(Beijing, 14 May 2017) AgroFresh International would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all the participating Malaysian government officials to the One Belt, One Road initiatives in Beijing, China. We would like to especially extend our sincere appreciation to our tireless Malaysian PM Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak at the signing ceremony.

For the record, AgroFresh International has secured a new deal with China’s Dashang Group to export principally local grown pineapples with a mix of Cavendish bananas and other tropical fruits, worth US$1.53bil (RM6.646bil), to China.

Agrofresh had relentlessly pursued the objective to develop the market for local fruit produce for export to China. The One Belt, One Road initiative provided the finest platform for us to bond culturally and to develop arrangements to one of the biggest market in the world, China. Due to the fact that the Executive Director  of Agrofresh, Dato’ Tom Chow is also an adviser to the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Fruit Farmer Association, he had exposed the way forward into China for the benefit of thousands of growers of tropical fruits in Malaysia.

We hope our efforts will bear fruits in the immediate future for our country mutual benefits and could also help in small way to uplift the economic activities of our beloved Malaysia.


农鲜国际一向积极于推广本地水果出口到中国市场并视为目标。 “一带一路”倡议不仅于提供了文化交流的平台,也是发展进入庞大市场的渠道。同时农鲜国际执行董事拿督邹正杰,也是马来西业隆雪果农公会的顾问,他已经为马来西亚成千上万的果农提供了进入中国的道路。